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​​Ink & Trinket Kids was created by an otherwise semi-ordinary girl, who discovered a knack for creating lovable trinkets while failing to meet her artistic standards through more traditional mediums. Eventually that kid grew up, and established roots in environmental centers and classrooms across Southwest Florida, where she was charged with creating simple crafts to promote environmental conservation and education initiatives. Fortunately, she had 2 ink-covered, trinket-loving kids of her own that were all too willing to serve as official project testers. They, like so many children, inherited her problem with more traditional forms of art, and to make matters worse, she was now responsible for encouraging their self-expression through alternative mediums... all while working on a deadline. The world of crafts quickly became a wasteland of plastic wrappers and throw away projects that failed to pass the test of time. Things needed to change. Ink and Trinket Kids was the hopeful alternative.

Kids drawing
kids painting

At Ink & Trinket Kids we strive to create simple, multi-purpose craft projects that will keep kids creating, while also keeping parents from becoming buried in heaps of garbage and weary sentiment. Our hope is that every crafty kit sold will live on to become something more than just another project claiming a spot at the bottom of an already overflowing memory box. 

To help further our mission, a portion of all proceeds will be used to support wildlife conservation and education initiatives. We have made strides toward reducing our carbon footprint by reducing plastic packaging and waste where possible.

At Ink & Trinket Kids we MAKE to PLAY, and when we're done, we proudly put our art on DISPLAY knowing that we've made a difference.

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