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18 Best Halloween Books for Kids

Halloween book collage

If your family is anything like mine, Halloween carries through to the end of the year. Somehow both of my kids developed an enduring appreciation for spooky décor, so much so that they’ve taken to dressing our favorite Halloween decorations in Christmas accessories to justify keeping them out just a little longer.

Adding a few good Halloween activities to the mix always makes the season feel just that much more eventful. Over the years, we’ve curated a list of favorite Halloween picture books to revisit year after year. Below you'll find a list of the best Halloween books for kids.

3 creepy carrots hover behind a bunny in clothes

This story is one of my son’s all-time favorites. It’s about a bunny who is being stalked by creepy carrots who are thirsty for revenge. This is the first book in the Creepy Tales series, so if your littles like this story, consider checking out Creepy Pair of Underwear and Creepy Crayon by Aaron Reynolds.

a smilling ghost

Gustavo is a young ghost has a difficult time being seen. He wants to make friends, but is just too shy to put himself out there. With Day of the Dead approaching, he makes a plan to bring all the neighborhood monsters together and show them a little bit of what makes Gustavo such an amazing friend. The art work in this story is absolutely adorable, with silly pictures that add some visual humor to an already excellent children’s book.

a spider and a fly stand on either side of a spider web, both are dressed in 20s style black and white clothing

This spooky tale uses black and white images, with classic Hollywood flare, to tell the story of a fashionable little fly who is in danger of being wrapped up in the sweet words of a not-so-kind spider. I especially appreciate this story because it doubles as a cautionary tale about peer pressure and well-mannered friends with bad intentions. It really is no wonder this book is an award winner!

a ghost made from a blue and white quilt stares out a tall window

Ghost isn’t like the rest of his family. Both of his parents are proper sheets, but he is a big, heavy quilt. He struggles to accept his differences until one very special Halloween when he is able to experience something none of the other ghosts ever could have. Ghost realizes that being a quilt is what makes him special and learns that it’s okay to be different.

a boy stands at the top of a dark set of stairs

Laszlo is afraid of the dark. Most of the time, the dark lives in the basement and stays out of his bedroom. Until one night, when things go terribly wrong. This is the story of how Laszlo learns to overcome his fear and live alongside the dark in peace.

a skeleton holds an eyeball in a spoon

Finnigin the skeleton loves to eat, and everybody knows it. When he comes to town, none of the other creatures will share their food with our hungry friend. Luckily, Finnigan has a secret ingredient that is sure to create some Halloween magic for all to share.

a boy smiles up at a haunted house on a hill

Lester Henry Straus insists that he is not afraid of this haunted house. As he and his friends explore the haunted house, Lester makes it his goal to prove just how brave he really is. The fun rhymes get larger and louder until we finally find one thing that, while Simon is brave, there is still one teeny tiny thing that he’s still afraid of.

a green monster sits in a cave holding a teddy bear

Monster is licking his lips. Maybe he’s looking for a child-sized bedtime snack. Maybe he’s coming to your house. Maybe he’s getting closer and closer to gobbling you up! You’ll be on the edge of your seat when Monster finally arrives, leans in and… gives you a giant, slobbery goodnight kiss!

a blue monster wearing a striped shirt is seen running

There's a monster stuck inside your book! In this interactive story, kids will be asked to shake, wiggle, and tickle their way through the pages as they try to get Monster to go back where he belongs. But where will he end up when they finally get him to leave? Oh, no! The monster is free in their bedroom!

This is just one book from the Who’s in Your Book series, which boasts a whopping 13 books that cover most of your major holidays.

a boy and a girl point their flashlights in the skym they look frightened

Best friends Dana (Scully) and Fox (Mulder) are having a sleepover. They pitch a tent in the backyard, but are spooked by strange sounds and lights. They grab their flashlights and go searching for the cause. Will they find a logical explanation, or will they find something more? The truth is out there.

a boy peeks under his bed

When Ethan’s regular monster goes on vacation, he’s forced to find a substitute for the night. He interviews several different monsters, but none of them are quite as scary as Gabe. How will he ever stay in bed? Ethan is just about to give up when Gabe returns early from his trip, putting on a perfectly creepy show that keeps Ethan right where he belongs.

a yellow creature runs away from the dark woods

What’s a pair of empty pants doing walking in the woods at night or riding a bike? The narrator is totally creeped out. He does everything he can to avoid that scary pair of pants, only to find the pants were just as scared as he was. This story has a fun rhyme scheme and teaches a fun lesson about tolerance.

a zombie girl sits on a pumpkin in front of a gated mansion with her dog

Ghoulia wants to make new friends, but worries the human kids will be afraid of her. That all changes on Halloween. Ghoulia decides to go into town while all the other kids are dressed up in costume. She’ll pretend she’s in a costume, too! Of course, things don’t go exactly as planned. Will the ordinary children accept Ghoulia, or will the send her back into hiding?

a girl sits in bed with her hands on her hips and a frown on her lips, she's surrounded by monsters

Winifred Schnitzel isn’t afraid of monsters, but they still won’t leave her alone. She can’t sleep with all the noise their making, and not even her clever traps manage to keep them away. Eventually Winifred learns that monsters HATE kisses, so she decides to give it a shot. Will Winifred finally be rid of those pesky monsters?

a boy strikes a scary pose, his shadow shows a furry monster

Master Edgar Dreadbury discovers a machine that can change ordinary people into the creepiest of monsters. He inserts a coin. steps into the machine, and gets a whole lot more than he bargained for. Not only is this a super fun story all on its own, but there are bonus pages at the back that allow you to try out all sorts of different costume combinations for Edgar. In fact, we had so much fun designing silly costumes, that we created our own DIY kit inspired by the book. Click here to view our mix and match Halloween painting kit.

a haunted house looms in front of a bright sky

House has a problem. She’s spooky and creaky and quite possibly haunted. She hopes that if she stays on her best behavior, a new family will move in soon. She tries to be more inviting, but it’s more challenging than it seems. Will hous

e ever find a family that doesn’t mind a little haunting?

a smiling pumpkin seed sits in a pumpkin patch

Little Boo is just a seed, but he’s anxious to grow up and become super spooky. The wind tells him to be patient, but waiting is hard when you’re small. Finally, the day comes for Little Boo to become a big, scary jack-o-lantern.

a girl and a ghost sit together on swings

This book is absolutely darling. It starts out with a list of all the steps you should take to make friends with a ghost. If you follow all the instructions well, your ghost friend will stay with you always and forever. I won’t lie, this one is so sweet, that it makes me cry a little. Am I a big baby? Maybe. You’ll have to let me know in the comments.

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