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No tree is perfectly round, and neither are our wood slices. These pine wood slices are kiln dried and cured for longevity, but will have some irregularity in shape that would otherwise prevent us from using them in one of our kits. There are 2 options available for sale, all of which are being offered at cost to our customers.


An "irregular" wood slice will have a more random shape or pattern. The irregular shape to these wood slices usually makes for some very interesting ring patterns, so if rings are your thing, these may be the perfect wood slices for you. 


If you select the "cracked" option, there will be a small crack somewhere in the wood slices you are purchasing. Usually, these cracks are barely visible and can be covered up easily with paint. in other cases, your wood slice may have a deeper crack that reaches more than 1-1.5" from the outer edge. The wood slice will not be sold if  the damage is wider than 4mm in width.

Discount Wood Slices 3-4.5 Inches

PriceFrom $4.50