Our robot painting kit includes 1 unpainted wooden robot, 2 balance bots, and enough paint to really get your gears moving. Our robot's limbs attached at the hips and shoulders with a stretchy elastic, allowing them to move and dance right along with you!

The balance bots are made of our heaviest card stock. All you need to get them booted up is a little adhesive, a couple pennies, and your favorite colored markers (not included).

Shipping Policy
All our craft kits are lovingly packed in a white mailing box, labeled with a sticker showing an image of the finished product. Orders will be wrapped in a poly mailer and shipped within 2 business days. You will receive a shipping confirmation when your order has been processed and is on its way to you.

Return & Exchange Policy
While we do our best to ensure our products are created and packaged to the highest standards, we also understand that issues may occasionally arise. If you are less than fully satisfied with your purchase, do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to ensuring your crafting experience is a positive one, and promise to make it right.




DIY Robot Doll Painting Kit